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The EdTech community

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The EdTech community (formerly known as the FE community) is a growing and thriving online community of UK based educators who share best practices.

Reasons why members join the EdTech Community

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Our last webinar for this adademic year was on Friday 24th June 2022. We will commence once again in Stpember 2023. You can view our past webinars at the bottom of this page

Starting in September 2023

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Who and What is the EdTech Community?

The EdTech Community (formerly known as FE community) is a JISC award-winning community of people working in the UK education sector.  Among its members are academics, lecturers, learning technologists, as well as managers and leaders.  This group is described by JISC as “…will support colleagues to connect with peers, share best practice and address local and national challenges around the use of technology in learning and teaching.” 

Aims of the Community

The EdTech community was set up to provide a forum for anyone working in education with an interest in the uses of technology to support teaching and learning to find out more about best current practice, to learn about new and upcoming technologies, and to have a forum for discussions with peers

We do this through our monthly Friday afternoon webinars and Microsoft Teams Community site.

Why Join?

The community is free and open to anyone working in education with an interest in learning technologies. Community members benefit from our monthly webinars with leading experts and current practitioners, as well as the opportunities for networking, sharing experiences and asking questions through our Teams site.

Regular Webinars

We host and facilitate regular webinars for the EdTech community.  In the past, we have had leading tech companies and practitioners deliver these webinars to the community.  Below are some recorded webinars from the EdTech community.  Webinars take place on the (mostly) last Friday of each month from 3-4pm.

Upcoming Webinars:

Past Webinars

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