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What we do:

Blended and Hybrid Learning | Digital Learning Strategies | EdTech Training and Consultancy

Our mission is to Inspire and Empower educators to Transform Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

Transform Education is on a mission to empower educators with the skills, expertise and strategies required to transform Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.  We help inspire and empower educators and institutes with transformative training, blended, hybrid and digital learning strategies.


We provide a variety of different consultancy services that range from developing digital strategies to working with the senior management team to integrate a hybrid and blended learning approach as part of the curriculum.

EdTech Community.

The EdTech community was set up to provide a forum for anyone working in education with an interest in the uses of technology to support teaching and learning.


We offer a variety of training and sessions covering a range of different topics, strategies, tools (Microsoft 365 for Education and Google) and applications.  We also offer complete day CPD sessions for your school, college, and university.

Need advice?

Would you like to have a chat about what your requirements are and explore how we can support your digital learning strategy needs?

Our Services

We can help and support you to take full advantage of the current digital tools you have in place.  In most cases institutions like yours do not need more technology but support and strategies on how to fully utilise existing technologies.


Our Story

Esam Baboukhan

Esam started teaching as a lecturer in computing 20 years ago. Before that he worked at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) helping, training and supporting disenfranchised communities tell their stories through digital.  It was a very rewarding experience that triggered his passion for learning through the use of technology. 

Peter Kilkoyne

Peter led the team that won 2015 TES and 2014/15 AoC awards for their work in successfully implementing blended learning across Heart of Worcestershire College and supporting other colleges across the sector in implementing their own blended learning curriculum.

This work was been built upon through setting up the Blended Learning Consortium which now has over 130 Colleges as members developing and sharing over 1600 hours of online learning content.


“Technology will never replace teachers, but a teacher who cannot teach with technology will be replaced by another one who can.”

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