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We help schools, colleges, and universities to realize the value of their investment in technology, helping educators to effectively integrate technology in teaching and learning to drive positive student learning outcomes.

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Transform Teaching and Learning using Microsoft 365

We specialise in contextualising Microsoft 365 (M365) within Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA).

Transform Education’s core strength is in supporting and delivering training to schools, colleges, and universities in how they utilise Microsoft 365 for Education to enhance TLA.

Transform Education is a leading Educational Microsoft Partner and has assisted many schools, colleges, and universities in leveraging Micrsoft technologies to transform their teaching and learning environments and improve productivity and efficiency.

We have decades of teaching and learning experience and understand the pedagogy behind using technology.  We put teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do, and this is what sets us apart. Our training is delivered by outstanding and current practitioners who use these tools day in and day out.

Our extensive involvement in the sector has provided us with insights into the challenges educators face. Having faced these challenges ourselves, we know how to address them and how M365 and can help streamline and enhance processes.

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We can also offer customised training that’s created to help your organisation realise the full potential of its technology.

Transform Education can help your institute realise its full potential using Microsoft 365!

Create engaging, interactive and accessible learning experiences using Microsoft 365 and Teams

Using Teams for Teaching and Learning opens up a whole new level of social learning, communication, and collaboration.  Microsoft Teams is a disrupter in education.  Its exponential growth in the market, particularly in its relatively short existence, is testament to its use as an effective and modern digital learning platform. 

Microsoft Teams is increasingly becoming the choice of tool for many schools, colleges, and universities. In these strange times with the global pandemic, 91% of schools of the world’s students have been affected by school closures. 

Microsoft Teams is proving to be a timely and resilient platform for many educational institutes around the world and has facilitated the delivery of remote learning to millions of students around the world. 

The Class Notebook is a game changer for teachers that are seeking an effective way to plan, structure, manage, organise and deliver their Teaching and Learning. The Class Notebook provides an array of features to support teachers helping teaching stay organised and work more efficiently and effectively.

Video is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to communicate effectively. It helps us learn in a more immersive and personal way, which allows us to engage like never before.  Gen-Z learners, who have grown up on video gain knowledge or learn new skills using platforms like YouTube.  We can help your educators utilise video platforms like Microsoft Stream and Flipgrid.  We are experts in using these technologies and have considerable experience in supporting TLA using video.

Teachers want easy tools they can learn to use and adopt.  Microsoft Forms is a simple and flexible tool that makes it easy for teachers to create, assign and collect surveys, quizzes and polls in minutes

Accessibility and inclusion in education is the process of removing barriers to learning, teaching, and interacting with others. With a plethora of tools and features, Microsoft 365 can help in making education more inclusive and accessible giving the confidence to learners with disabilities learn independently. 

Microsoft 365 for Education is all about learning. It helps in enhancing the teaching, learning experience, providing the ability to create a seamless experience for students and teachers, encouraging better collaboration and productivity, and empowering creativity and innovation.

We can work with your institution in supporting you in your journey to get the Showcase status awarded by Microsoft.  This status is given to schools and colleges “because of demonstrated commitment to embracing technology to transform education and improve learning outcomes for students”.  The Showcase status can give impetus to both staff and learners in improving learning outcomes using innovative digital strategies.

We offer a wide range of sessions covering specific applications such as such as Microsoft Teams, Forms, Streams, etc, or themes such as assessment, accessibility and empowering the learner voice. We can deliver training either online or face-to-face and work with customers to bespoke sessions to meet the individual needs of their staff as well as the wider organisation.

All our workshops incorporate real-life examples of using M365 applications and hands-on exercises where participants learn by building resources and solutions that are directly applicable to their jobs.

"Everyone has a voice, even if you can't speak" - Esam Baboukhan

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