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We have a range of plans that should meet a range of needs. If you do not see anything in the plan that meets your needs please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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We offer a range of flexible packages to meet your needs.  If you require anything further please contact us.


£ 140
Per Hour


£ 800
Per Day


  • 10 half-day inspirational sessions


£ 4,449
  • 18 half-day inspirational sessions


  • 25 half-day inspirational sessions

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Some happy educators

Really good as methods were explained in a simple way - a really good understanding of the audience. Very friendly and thoughtful trainer - thank you very much!
Pembrokeshire College
This session was really really excellent. Esam was so knowledgeable and introduced us to - what was for me - so many new things. They will really make a difference and I am most grateful indeed. Well done Esam and thank you
Kingston University
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