Creating a culture of innovation which embraces technology

Hands-on modelling of how product or approach can work and can be applied practical examples of use cases Sandbox activities to design and apply knowledge and skills to the context of the individual

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at executive leadership teams, to teaching staff and support staff.

Creating a culture of innovation which embraces technology

The session will cover:

” Steven is an inspiring leader in education who understands both how positive change happens, and most importantly how to make it happen.

Steven couples expert insights on key emerging trends in technology with the ability to adopt new technologies and execute with impact. Steven has an authentically deep understanding of how technology can empower people and change lives

Steven has an open door for anyone who extends the hand of collaboration and is committed to a journey of continual innovation and improvement. It’s always a privilege to collaborate with him, and learn from him. Anyone with an interest in emerging best practice in education should connect with Steven

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