Microsoft 365 for Teachers (Advanced)

This half a day course for Microsoft 365 for teaching staff will explore the range of advanced features within the Microsoft 365 suite of applications with a focus on Teams. Teachers will contextualise Teams, Assignments, Streams, Forms and OneNote within a Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) environment.

The session will demonstrate real and practical examples of how these tools have been used in the classroom.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at teachers who have completed the intermediate training using the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. It is designed to build upon their existing skills and experience in using Office 365. At the end of the course teachers will be able to to use some of the more advanced features of these apps for TLA

Learn to leverage Microsoft 365 (Advanced) features as a teacher

The course will cover:

” Esam is an outstanding educator and a delightful colleague.  I have watched in admiration as Esam has quietly become a national influencer and leader in tech for education. “

Clare Riley

Microsoft Education Manager

” Esam is an inspirational trainer. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious, and he has brought me and many of my peers, not just bang up-to-date with the latest in e-Learning “

Nora Holder

Lead Teacher Trainer

” Esam is the go to for all things digital with a wealth of experience, currency, and a healthy dose of common sense. Esam makes the complexities of digital learning simple and he understands the teacher that needs this! “

Deborah McVey

Consultant at Deborah McVey Consultants

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