Office 365 for Teachers (Intermediate)

This half a day course for Office 365 for teachers will explore and identify the range of features within the Office 365 suite of applications. Lecturers will be to contextualise these tools within a Teaching, Learning and Assessment environment.

The session will demonstrate real and practical examples of how these tools have been used in the classroom.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at teachers who have started their journey using the Office 365 suite of applications. It is designed to build upon their existing skills and experience in using Office 365. At the end of the course teachers will be able to identify, explain and to use more intermediate features of these apps for teaching, learning and assessment. Teachers who complete this course will be ready to take the advanced course.

Learn to leverage Office 365 (Intermediate) features as a teacher

The course will cover:

His work with AI for Accessibility has allowed him to lead and talk within platforms up and down the country, on how Microsoft technology can help Learners with disabilities become empowered and included.. “

Amy Rosato

Data and AI Specialist - Microsoft

I am now not only an A Level English teacher – I am an A Level English teacher who uses a range of engaging technologies, both in and out of the classroom, to enhance my students’ learning experience. Thanks to Esam we are now a thoroughly modern group who regularly use technologies like Microsoft Teams and Office Lens and other assistive learning technologies as everyday learning tools.

Nora Holder

Lead Teacher Trainer

Esam has worked with me on many projects now, and every time his input is so valuable. He never disappoints. He has supported teachers at many providers to improve their practice through the use of technology; helped providers develop smarter systems; and worked collaboratively to develop applications for education. I can’t recommend him highly enough

Deborah McVey

Consultant at Deborah McVey Consultants

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