Simon kay

Simon kay

Strategy and Implementation of Microsoft 365

Training offered on a wide range of Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams and associated 3rd party applications to create a rich learning environment.

Strategy, Implementation and change management processes for those senior leaders.

Learning and Development planning at organisational or subject level

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at Teachers, middle managers with teaching and learning responsibilities, senior leaders with strategy roles.

Strategy and Implementation of Microsoft 365

The course will cover:

When it comes to using Teams and as a digital learning platform, there are lots of commentators that talk a good game, but Simon really made this happen for us. He and his team sympathetically navigated the process of change management across a complex organisation; enabling, coaching and giving our staff the confidence to engage with the full functionality of Teams and supporting applications.
Simon’s well planned and highly professional approach was welcomed by staff, all of whom have embraced the new tools available to them, leading to tangible benefits for our organisation.
Tenacious, driven and good humoured, Simon has made a significant different to our organisation. We’ve seen a boost in productivity and a tenfold increase in multi-layered, multi-site and multi-discipline collaboration.

Gavin Murray, Vice Principal, SGS College

Having researched in the area of emerging digital learning environments for several years I have seen universities and colleges make incremental changes in their approach, sometimes successfully, but often without achieving that reached for paradigm shift.
Simon, and his Digital Team at SGS College, have made a bold move in implementing a new approach, and switching off the past. His approach is grounded in his knowledge of both the way the college operates and in understanding learning and teaching; this then is one of the first institutions I have seen that is shifting from the content driven pedagogy so familiar in our Virtual Learning Environments, to a pedagogy based on connecting staff and students and with a strong emphasis on communication. The results thus far are excellent and I continue to watch and look forward to seeing how the shift progresses.”

Laurie Phipps, Senior Codesign Manager, JISC ​
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