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Using Video in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Microsoft Stream)

Explore the different features within Microsoft Stream to support TLA

Who is it for?

This session is designed for all users who want to learn how to use Microsoft Stream. 

Although focussed on educators anyone taking this session will know how to use Microsoft Streams for any role.

This workshop will explore Stream and its features.  We will learn to upload and manage videos using channels and add Microsoft Forms to Stream videos.

Furthermore, we explore the screen recording features in Stream, explore how to make simple edits using Stream, add timecodes to video descriptions and comments.

Please look at the session objectives for more detail.

Session Objectives

  • Explore Microsoft Stream and its features
  • Create a channel in Stream
  • Upload and manage videos in Stream
  • Basic Editing in Stream
  • Add timecodes to Video descriptions
  • Add a Microsoft Forms to videos
  • Explore and create a screen recording using the Stream cloud-based recording feature


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