Microsoft Teams for Educators

This training is aimed at educators who are at an advanced level in using Microsoft Teams for Education

Who is it for?

This session covers goes beyond the fundamentals educators will need to use Microsoft Teams to deliver Teaching, Learning and Assessment.   This training session is aimed at advanced users of Microsoft Teams for Education.

The session is both practical and interactive, so you will get to experience first-hand the benefits of using these features. You will learn how to create and schedule assignments, provide feedback and more.  Please see session objectives for more detail.

Please check our other two sessions if you feel you need to cover some of the basics in using Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams for beginners

Microsoft Teams for Intermediate users


Session Objectives

  • Create and use the Class Notebook within Teams
  • Create an assignment using the Class Notebook
  • Create a rubric for feedback and speed marking
  • Create and Utilise Tags within Teams
  • Add a Stream Channel in Teams
  • Create a rubric for feedback and speed marking
  • Analytics using Grades and Class insights
  • Investigate third-party apps for TLA
  • Explore the use of the Whiteboard in Teams
  • Create polls and surveys in Teams
  • Exploring additional features within Teams; pinning and saving messages, etc


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